Austria is probably the most touristly developed in the world and offers attractions that will suite even the most demanding tourist. With beautiful ski resort in winter to clear lakes in summer and extreamyl rich cities and villages all year round, it is a perfect getaway.

Location: Central Europe. Landlocked country bordering Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Lichtenstein
Size: 83.872 sq km
People: Austrians (89%), minority groups: Slovenes, Hungarians, Croats. Many imigrants from Serbia, Bosnia and Turkey
Language: German. In mixed areas some Slovene, Croat and Hungarian is spoken.
Population: 8,4 million
Capital: Vienna (2,2 million inhabitants)
Politics: Austrian state treaty formed it in 1955. First republic in 1918. Duchy in 1156. One of the most developed countries in the world. Member of EU since 1995.
Currency: Euro (€)
History: Very rich history connected with Habsburg family that controled big part of Central Europe and through family connections many areas around the world.
Climate: Majority of Austria has cool/temperate and alpine climate with some continental influence in the east.
Main attractions: Vienna, Salzburg, Salzkammergut, Hallstat, Graz, Innsbruck, Gurk cathedral, Melk, Bruck, ski and lake resorts.
Regions: Austria is divided in 9 regions:
  • Burgenland
  • Carinthia
  • Lower Austria
  • Upper Austria
  • Salzburg
  • Styria
  • Tyrol
  • Vorarlberg
  • Vienna