bosnia&herzegovina-private-tour If you want get a glimpse of Orient in the middle of Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina has to be a stopover on your journey. Old towns of Sarajevo and Mostar will take you back centuries into the time when it was rulled by Ottomans. And the countryside which hosted also Olympics in 1984 is breathtaking.
Location: Southeastern Europe. Bordering Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.
Size: 51.129 sq km
People: Bosnians (43%) Slavic muslims, Serbs (31%), Croats (17%)
Language: Bosnian. Croatian and Serbian.
Population: 4,6 million
Capital: Sarajevo (500.000 inhabitants)
Politics: 1992 independence.
Currency: Convertible Mark (BAM)
History: Bosnian Kingdom in 14th century. Later occupied by Ottomans. Many people accepted Islam. Lots of Turkish influence can be seen in culture, cuisine and architecture.
Climate: Meditterranean in Herzegovina and mixture of Alpine and continental in the rest of the country.
Main attractions: Sarajevo, Mostar, rivers Neretva, Una, Vrbas, Jajce, Bjelašnica, Višegrad, Međugorje, diversity of culture.
Regions: Politicaly can be divided in:
  • Republika Srbska
  • Bosnia (Federacija)
  • Hercegovina