Italy private tours

Italy was through all the history a "promise land" and so it is still nowadays. Millions of tourist are discovering bit by bit of this attractive country that has so much to offer. From Cuisine, Art, Architecture, People, Nature, ets. You name it Italy has it.

Location: Southern Europe. Bordering Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, France
Size: 301.338 sq km
People: Italians (93%), minority groups: Slovenes, Austrians, Ladin. Many imigrants from Romania, Albani and African countries.
Language: Italian. In mixed areas some Slovene, French, Ladin, Austrian. English is becoming more and more spoken among tourist workerks.
Population: 60,5 million
Capital: Rome (2,7 million inhabitants)
Politics: Unification in 1861. Republic since 1946. Entered EU in 1957 and it is one of founding members.
Currency: Euro (€)
History: Very rich history since Antique period. Many Greek, Etruscan and Roman sites all around the country. Very rich culture and important city states throug the middle ages, rennaisance etc. More than 50% of the world Art is in Italy.
Climate: Predominantly Medditerranean around the country. On the north Apline climate.
Main attractions: Rome, Tuscany, Venice, Sicily, Milan, Alpine lakes, ski resorts in Dolomites,... Theoreticaly all around the Italy.
Regions: Italy is divided in 20 regions.