Country with a famous name that was introduced to the rest of the world by the Alexander the Great. It has some stunning scenery especialy around lake Ohrid that used to be one of centeres of Slavic culture in the past and is today the centre of tourism in Macedonia. Some spectacular sites can be admired in National parks and especialy on markets selling delicious fruits and vegetables.

Location: Southeastern Europe. Bordering Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria.
Size: 25.713 sq km
People: Macedonian (65%), Albanian (25%), Turks (4%)
Language: Macedonian, Albanian
Population: 2,1 million
Capital: Skopje (500.000 inhabitants)
Politics: 1991 independence. Officialy recognised 1993. From the independence dispute with Greece about its name.
Currency: Macedonian Denar (MKD)
History: Center of Antique period in 4C BC as the home of Alexander the Great. In 7th century settled by Slavs and later for 500years under Turks until Balkan wars 1912.
Climate: Transitional from Continental to Meditterranean.
Main attractions: Ohrid, Skopje, Bitola, Kavadarci, Kokino, Pelister, Galičica, Mavrovo, Treskavec.
Regions: Macedonia can be divided in 4 main regions:
  • Western Macedonia along Crni Drin river
  • Central Macedonia along Vardar river
  • Eastern Macedonia
  • Skopje