Wild Beauty as it is often called. Montenegro is one of the latest hits in the Medditerranean. With beautiful countryside and charming old towns Montenegro can realy be a jump into the wilderness.
Location: Southeastern Europe. Bordering Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Kosovo.
Size: 13.182 sq km
People: Montenegrin (43%), Serbs (32%), Bosnians, Albanians
Language: Montenegrin. Croatian and Serbian.
Population: 680.000
Capital: Podgorica (150.000 inhabitants)
Politics: 2006 independence.
Currency: Euro (€) Not member of EU and monetary union.
History: First mention in 854. Until 14th century independent. Later under Ottomans. Independent from 1878. From 1918  part of Yugoslavia and again independent from 2006.
Climate: Mixture of meditterranean along the coast and  Alpine in the highlands.
Main attractions: Kotor, Boka Kotorska, Budva, Tara river, Skadar lake, Cetinje, Sveti Štefan, Durmitor, Lovčen, Ostrog,
Regions: Montenegro can be divided in two main parts. The littoral with medditerranen towns and the highlands.