Slovakia has been long time in shade of a much more known neighbour Czech Republic but in recent years it is becoming more and more popular among tourist especialy due to the beautiful countryside, especialy in High Tatry region and due to charming old towns and castles and very vibrant capital-Bratislava.

Location: Southeastern Europe. Bordering Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland.
Size: 49.035 sq km
People: Slovaks (86%), Hungarians (10%), Roma
Language: Slovak, Hungarian
Population: 5,5 million
Capital: Bratislava (600.000 inhabitants)
Politics: 1993 independence, 2004 NATO and EU.
Currency: Euro (€)
History: Great Moravian empire in 9-10th century. Later long reign under Hungarians until 1918 when it joined into Czechoslovakia.
Climate: Continental in the lowlands and Alpine in Tatry region.
Main attractions: Bratislava, Trenčin, High Tatras, Snina, Spiš castle, Bardejov, Devin castle
Regions: Slovakia can be divided in 3 main regions:
  • western lowlands around Bratislava
  • central highlands with Tatry
  • eastern lowlands