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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are your prices in Euros?
    We are European company based in Slovenia (member of EU). Our credit card processor is located in Slovenia, and hence all of our transactions are in euros.
    What is trip cancelation insurance?
    Trip cancelation insurance  
    Purchasing trip cancellation insurance allows customers to receive a refund for a tour when a customer must cancel a tour for reasons covered by this insurance. Movis Private Tours trip cancellation insurance does not cover expenses not paid to Movis Private Tours, such as airfare, additional hotel accommodations or sightseeing, even if such bookings are made for, or recommended to the customer of Movis Private Tours.  
    This insurance can only be purchased at the time of first payment. Trip cancellation insurance cannot be purchased after tour payment is made. Tour passengers or traveling companions can be covered by the customer’s trip cancellation insurance if designated at the time of purchase of the insurance.
    Trip cancellation insurance costs 4.5% of the total listed price of the tour, including any single room requests or smilar.

    For more please look at our Terms and conditions and Trip cancelation insurance pages (in pdf).

    Download PDF
    Is personal travel insurance included?
    Personal travel insurance is not included, but if you wish we can arrange you personal insurance during your tour as well. Please inform us about your wish.
    We strongly advise you to make insurance before the tour (either with your local insurance company or by us).
    Here you can have a look at general conditions of travel insurance (in pdf). Download PDF
    Is airfare included in the price?
    Prices of our tours are for ground services only. So it means that airfare is not included in the price.
    If you prefer to book everything as a package (ground tour with airfare) please let us know.
    Are meals included in the price?
    In majority of tours only breakfast is included.
    We beleive that big part of exploring the region, goes to the food as well. Especialy to the big variety of tastes throughout the region with its hidden places to enjoy and explore the delicious cousine in some of traditional and delicious restaurants reccomended by us during the tour.
    If you would like to have excuisite dinner or lunch in high end restaurants included in the programme, please let us know in advance as for majority of places we would need reservations.
    Why should I choose Private Tours for a tour of Central and SE Europe?

    Here are 10 simple answers on why you should choose Private Tours:

    1. everything we do, we do with passion
    2. on our tours you feel like local doing things locals do
    3. on our tours it is not just about sightseeing, but it is a unique experience of meeting, learning, discovering and understanding different cultures and returning back home richer than when the journey started
    4. we completely customize and personalize our tours upon your wishes
    5. if you want to stop for a coffee - no problem!
    6. we know the regions hidden treasures very well
    7. you can relax and enjoy - all the logistics is done by us
    8. it is private - only for you
    9. we dont do this only for our work but this is our way of life!
    10. we will do everything to see you on a tour with a big smile and making sure you will want to repeat the whole tour again!
    Why should I choose a private tour?

    There are many reasons why a private tour is better than a regular tour. Here Im naming only a few.

    • During a tour you will be accompanied by a friendly, knowledgeable, local guide who will guide you through the area.
    • During all tour you have personal connection with your guide, you can ask questions and discuss interesting issues and figure out how locals live and what they do.
    • On the tour you are very flexible. If you want to see something more in details you can. You can change (of course if it is possible) your itinerary even during the tour.
    • There is no need to follow a group of people and wait for other people (or let the others waiting for you).
    • On our tours people feel like friends and not as a typical tourist.
    Do I need VISA?
    Majority of countries where we take our tourists require only a valid passport (departure must be 6 months before expiry of passport) for citizens of EU, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. If you come from a country not mentioned here, please check with your embassy.
    What type of accomodations will we stay in?
    This depends of your wishes and budget you are prepared to pay for. All our hotels are carefuly choosen and checked. Depending of you budget you can choose from private accomodations (family run BB`s or penzions), Hotels 3*, boutique 4* and exclusive 5* hotels.
    What language will the guide/driver speak?
    All our guide/drivers speak english. Other languages are on request only, but we cannot guarantee that they are available.
    Who will guide us around?
    On all tours we will provide you professional licensed local guides with years of experience that know our destinations very well.
    How will we move around?
    On our tours you will be driven around with private cars or private vans with a private experienced local english speaking guides.
    We normaly reccommend:
    • 1-3 pax in a car
    • 4-8 pax in a van
    What if we have more than 8 people in our group?
    No problem. Please send us exact number of clients and we will prepare a special programe and price for your group only.
    How many people are on a tour?
    Our prepared itinerary are for 1-8 people. But how many will be on the tour depends only of you and your wishes.
    What is a Private Tour?
    Private tour is a travel package designed especialy for the individual traveler, couple, family or small group. Our private tours are designed for independent traveler(s).