SME Excellent certificate achieved

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April 12, 2012
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SME Excellent certificate achieved

Website seal »Excellent SME Slovenia« is a business performance certificate. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia is issuing the certificate in cooperation with the renowned credit rating agency COFACE Slovenia to the most successful small and medium companies in Slovenia.

The main purpose of the certificate, coinciding with EU directives is to promote successful small and medium companies, secure and safe business, good business practices and to increase market transparency. Additionally it will help customers and business partners to decrease financial and other risks when concluding business agreements.

The certificate enables local and international business partners to verify company’s existence, proper web address, and most importantly creditworthiness.

The basis for the certification is a credit report and daily monitoring from COFACE Slovenia. Concurrently the SafeSigned™ website technology prevents the «Excellent SME Slovenia« quality seal to be copied and used on any other website.

We hope that this proof will ensure you even more to trust Private Tours website (Turisticna agencija Movis d.o.o.) and feel even more comfortable with securing your booking.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia certifies that the company owing this website, satisfies the criteria for certification. Cartification basis is credit report and regular monitoring from COFACE Slovenia credit reporting house.

By installing and using the certificate potential and existing partners can differentiate between successful and less successful companies in the cyber world.

Following basic information about the company is verified. You can also proceed to the company’s verified page where you will find more detailed information and a validated list of all company’s certificated pages/web addresses.

More about Small and Medium enterprises certificate you can read on following link from Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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