Leap across the border into Italy to visit NE Adriatic port of Trieste with fascinating main square Piazza Unita Italia, cathedral of San Giusto and to have a famous Italian coffe and gelato. Near the town is located one of the most charming castles in this part of Europe - Miramare, built by Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg for him and his wife Charlotte of Belgium...

Trieste is the most northern port in the Adriatic sea. And as port with very strategic location is was very important through all history. Historisal mixture of different nationalities (Italians, Slovenes, Austrians, Czechs, Jews, Serbs…) can be seen on every step as the town is still multicultural. Famous squares and cathedral of San Giusto are the main sites in the town.

Nearby Habsburg emperor Maksimilian built picturesque castle – Miramare on the shore of Adriatic sea surrounded by beautiful park. After visit of Trieste we will head back home.