Admire Slovenian only port city with rich Venetian influence architecture especialy around the main square. Afterwards admire the inland of Slovenian Istria with some very nice wine and olive oil.

Welcome to Koper. During this amazing full day tour you will see all the most popular sights and experience the best parts of the city with a local guide.

We'll see all of the important sites that old city has to offer, like Pretorian palace, Loggia, church of st. Mary, they're certainly worthwhile. But on the tour you will also see the special things that make Koper great, like new boardwalk with caffes. To make the tour special you will visit the inland through old villages surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. You will also have a chance to visit 500 years old house with oil press and taste some local olive oil. The region also have some very wines to offer and you will have a chance to taste them in one of the local wine cellars.

After that we will head back to the port Koper.