Serbia has become an open country and despite its turbulent recent history it is definitly worth a visit. Belgrade is extremley vibrant town with delicious Balkan cuisine and warm harted people that knows how to enjoy life and they are willing to teach you that too.

Location: Southeastern Europe. Bordering Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo (Albania through Kosovo-dispute), Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.
Size: 88.361 sq km
People: Serbs (84%), minority groups: Hungarians, Bosnians, Roma
Language: Serbian. Hungarian and Roma in the areas.
Population: 7,5 million
Capital: Belgrade (1,7 million inhabitants)
Politics: 1878 independent state. 2006 Independent country Serbia. Dispute about Kosovo independence.
Currency: Dinar (RSD)
History: First mentions in 850. Strong kingdom in 14th century. Under Ottomans for 500 years. From 1918 part of Yugoslavia. In 90s embargo due to war in Bosnia.
Climate: Mixture between Continental on th enorth and more Adriatic on the south.
Main attractions: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Smederevo, Djerdap, Kopaonik, Tara river, Fruska Gora, Monasteries in Kosovo.
Regions: Serbia has 150 municipalities. Can be divided in Vojvodina in the north. Central Serbia with Belgrade and southern Serbia.